I've had many good days out on the water with you. You always do your homework on the lakes where we are fishing and put us on fish even when others boats are not catching. 

One trip that stands out was a Saturday morning when it was 95° with no wind... you found the fish but the bite was tough. You kept changing baits and methods until you found what worked that day and we ended up with over 30 fish. Just one of many great days on the water with you.
Thanks and looking forward to many more.

Jeff S.
Swansea, MA  

Fishing has become my favorite hobby in the last 10 years and I go every chance I can. 

It was great to get out on the larger lakes of Massachusetts with you & catch a whole lot of fish. I was able to take what you taught me home to Rhode Island and have better luck not only catching fish but actually finding where they tend to be. I am definitely looking forward to fishing with you this year & bringing my 2 boys who just started fishing with me.

Don B.
Tiverton, RI


The fishing trip you, my father, and I went on was SO FUN!!  Your vast knowledge of fishing on Sebago Lake itself was incredible and I learned more that day than any other fishing trip.  For example, you taught us how to fish using the "drop-shot" method and we were able to catch 22 fish that day.  It is a method that my father and I still use. Your knowledge of where the fish are, what they like, and at what times to fish is down to an exact science. Anyone who would like to fish on Sebago Lake and needs guidance should come to you for an informative and memorable trip.

Mike G.
Naples, ME

When booking my trip with you, little did I know what a good time I was going to have. Your boat was clean, refreshments were cold, and your equipment was up to date. Most of all I was impressed with how you carried your self as a professional. 

When we pulled away from the dock you wasted no time in getting to your 'hot-spots' and within 15 minutes we were on the fish. 
Thank you so much Mike. I am looking forward to booking another trip with you this year with my buddies.

Others should know when booking with you they can expect to have just as much fun as I did.   

Raymond D.
Douglas, MA