What do I need to bring?

The most important and a MUST HAVE is your fishing license from the state we will be fishing in. I can assist you in how to obtain one if necessary.

I also recommend you bring some of the basic essentials like a hat, sunglasses/glasses, sunscreen, chapstick, a change of clothes & shoes, rain-gear, and any medications you may need. If you have a favorite rod & reel feel free to bring it, but we do have them for your use. A camera, binoculars, and snacks are good to have [soft drinks, water, ice filled cooler, and music is provided]. Singing is optional for a small fee... just kidding, its FREE!

How do I get a fishing 

Nowadays its easier than ever to acquire a fishing license. Below are a few links to get you there... Go to your states website and follow the directions. 

Will we still fish if it is raining?

Yes! Some of the most successful and enjoyable fishing trips I have experienced have been in the rain. 

Remember you are with an experienced trained guide... Your safety is most important. If the weather condition poses a threat [ie. thunder, lightning, high winds] a cancelation may be necessary, in which case we will reschedule your trip.

A useful link is


How long will we be out fishing?

A half-day trip is 4 hours minimum [generally from 7am-11am], and a full-day trip is 8 hours [generally from 6am -2pm]. Actual fishing time depends on the lake and the amount of boat travel to get to the 'spots'.


Can I bring my own life-preserver?

I have life preservers for fishermen of all sizes, however if you're an angler who has a life-preserver you prefer you are welcome to bring it, as long as it is Coastguard approved.


Is there any chance I will feel motion sickness/seasick?

Its very unlikely. I’ve never had anyone sick on my boat. Ever. Well not really ever but she prohibits me from telling THAT story.

Can I keep the fish I catch?

As an important conservation technique I practice and encourage catch & release fishing. I will help you measure, weigh, and photograph your trophy catch if you are considering having a reproduction mount made. Nevertheless, depending on the laws and regulations for the state we are fishing you may be able to catch and keep certain fish.

Can I bring a friend on the boat with us who doesn't want to fish?

Sure! We have a reduced rate for those non-fishing individuals who would like to join us!


These are standard Sebago Lake prices. Call us for even lower pricing at southern New England locations. 

  1 person 2 people
 ½ Day of Guided Fishing [4 hr. min.]$200 pp$150 pp
 Full Day of Guided Fishing [8 hours] $300 pp $250 pp
 Frye Island Fishing Excursion 
Guided Fishing including Food & Lodging 
[2 days/2 nights]

 n/a $475 pp

Overnight Frye Island Fishing Excursions also include canoeing, in-ground swimming pool, private beaches, and tennis courts [usually available]. The island also features a nine-hole golf course, waterfront restaurant, a general store, kayak rentals and two pubs. 

We are SO proud of our troops and the job they do for our country... 
We offer a special military deal!

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at or drop me a line at 508-873-9220.